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Data Driven Facebook Ads Strategy To Grow Your Brand!!

How We Start?

The very first thing that we do is to assign a dedicated team for your brand, depending on its niche. For example if you are from clothing, we will be creating a team with members who are already working with clothing brand and bringing in results so that we can scale your brand with ease.

What's Next Then?

Once that is done, we go for the website audit where we cover all the points which can create hurdle in bringing in sales from product page to checkout everything is checked before we start with ads, this also includes competition research, audience research everything.

How You Use Data?

We have been working in this space from past 4 years so we have seen it all from Facebook giving 10X ROAS to everyone to struggling during IOS update, with all the brands we are working with, we have an edge over what has more chances of working out and we start with that only, which can potentially reduce the time of testing & save your money.

Spending Over 5Lakhs A Month

Can this be replicated for my brand?

Yes, it can be but not exactly because every brand is different in its own way but we can definitely take you towards number like these or better than these!!

What if I want to test out with a smaller budget like 50K - 100k?

No worries!! We have stores spending from 50k a month to 5-10Lakhs a month & we are able to bring in results to everyone of them

Spending Less Than 1Lakh A Month

Spending Less Than 50k A Month

What are the type of brands you have worked with?

Any niche you can think off!! We have worked with clients selling Toys to Cloths to Cosmetics, almost everything. Facebook Ads are simple, no matter what your niche is, if you are able to read the data properly you can bring in result for any niche.

These results can be fake?

Noooo!!! These are not screenshots, these are videos & we show these results LIVE to our clients, directly from the dashboard so that can't be fake.

So what is the procedure to start the ads?

Procedure is given below

1- Website Audit

2- Competition Research

3- Audience Research

4- Data Collection

5- Team Meet For Cost Calculation [Breakeven/Loss/Proft Points]

6- Creative Gathering

7- First Phase Testing

8- Reporting & More

If you have more questions, lets connect over a call/meet & clear them out!

Results!! Results!! Results!!

Suppliment Brand
Food Brand

Clothing Brand
Cosmetic Brand
Toys Brand
Ethnic Wear Brand
Print On Demand Brand
Dropshipping Brand
And many more

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